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Escape into the mystery, romance, and political intrigue of the Hill Vampire vineyards. Dangerous and seductive, the suspense will grab you and not let go…

Dark Wine at Disaster
A Hill Vampire Novel Book 6

Cover image for Dark Wine at Disaster. Man and woman in formal attire against a drought-stricken vineyard
Dark Wine at Disaster by Jenna Barwin

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Even a vampire can’t stop Mother Nature…

Henry and Cerissa’s long overdue engagement party is off to a joyous start. As they sweep across the dance floor, eyes locked on each other and hearts overflowing with love, they believe nothing can stand in the way of their happiness.

But when an employee of Henry’s winery threatens to expose Henry’s vampire nature to the world, and Mother Nature hits them with a wallop that could destroy his business, the couple’s future comes under fire.

Henry is afraid to tell Cerissa about the financial threats he faces—being a man raised in the 1800s means he must solve his problems himself. Still, he could really use her help.

Cerissa knows something is wrong. But as a Lux angel, her relationship experience is limited, and her instinct to fix things only makes matters worse.

As disaster after disaster shakes them, will their relationship survive, or will their love go up in flames?

What reviewers are saying about Dark Wine at Disaster:

“Engaging and addicting, Dark Wine at Disaster is an entertaining addition to the Hill Vampire series!” ~InD’tale Magazine

“A character-led, vampire saga with a cleverly crafted and compelling plot. [It has] plenty of danger and a good dollop of sexually-charged romance.”
~A Wishing Shelf Book Review

“Much anticipated, Dark Wine at Disaster hooked me from the first page, plunging deep into a legendary culture struggling to survive at the edge of peril. Order dinner delivery – you won’t have time to cook.”
~Sharon Bonin-Pratt’s Ink Flare

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