This will be our little secret, okay?

Photo of Jenna Barwin wearing a blue shawl standing by red bougainvillea.
Jenna Barwin

Jenna likes to see damaged guys get their happily ever after. That’s why she started writing.

She also likes writing strong women who have their own flaws yet achieve their goals—including their own happy endings. But what drives her passion is the redemption of guilt-laden guys in the arms of love.

Yet it’s never that simple.

Romance is important, romance is key—but romance alone isn’t enough.

Instead, a genre-bending mash-up of paranormal and science fiction, murder mystery and political intrigue, along with a healthy dose of steamy vampire romance—that’s what floats her boat and gets her to spend endless hours at the computer writing Dark Wine at Midnight.

Dark Wine at Midnight is the middle ground where urban fantasy and paranormal romance collide.

So stay tuned. The first book in the Hill Vampire series is slated for release in April 2017. Want to know the exact date? Sign up for her newsletter by clicking here.