Dark Wine at Midnight Receives BUY IT NOW Award

At the 2017 OCC RWA Birthday Bash, Dark Wine at Midnight received the BUY IT NOW award for book cover design. The Orange County Chapter of the Romance Writers of America (OCC RWA) holds its annual meeting in October, and this is the first year they’ve given the award.Image of Jenna Barwin standing next to a poster of the book cover for Dark Wine at Midnight, a Hill Vampire Novel Book 1. The cover contains an image of a woman walking through an arched wall, vineyard and full moon. A orange award ribbon is fastened to the poster.Special thanks goes to Momir Borocki who did a great job designing the cover of Dark Wine at Midnight. The cover expertly captures the mystery, romance, and political intrigue of the Hill Vampire vineyards, a dangerous and seductive romantic fantasy, where the suspense will grab you and not let go.