Cover Reveal!

Cover image for Dark Wine at the Circus. Man and woman in front of a circus tent with a tiger.

I am so excited to share the cover reveal for Dark Wine at the Circus with you. Christian Bentulan at Covers by Christian did a fantastic job!

Dark Wine at the Circus is available for pre-order on Amazon, now at a reduced price for fans. So if you’d like to grab your own copy, do so while it’s at the sale price! And Circus will be in Kindle Unlimited for those who prefer KU.

Release day is Tuesday, April 13, 2021!

Here’s the tease:

Everyone has a secret fantasy—even a rich and powerful vampire…

Vampire Henry Bautista can’t contain his excitement. The circus is coming to town. As a child in the 1800s, he dreamed of starring in the center ring. As an adult, he remains enamored with the death-defying acts performed under the big top.

But when a close friend on the show is seriously injured in the arena, Henry ignores his own safety and rushes to the rescue.

Cerissa Patel is aghast over the accident—or was it an intentional attack? The last thing she wants is for her fiancé to take over his friend’s dangerous act.

With protestors marching in front of the tent, suspicious injuries occurring on the show, and a possible saboteur lurking among the performers, Cerissa can’t stand the thought of Henry stepping into the limelight.

She loves him too much to take any risk with his life.

As the attacks continue to happen, Henry and Cerissa must come to terms over which is more important—his love for her, or his love for the circus…

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Happy reading!


Writers on the Moon!

Image of a full moon

I’m going to the moon! Or at least, the Hill Vampire/Dark Wine ebooks are!

Book cover images of the Dark Wine/Hill Vampire series

Under the leadership of author Susan Kaye Quinn, 125 writers are sending their fiction stories to the moon. I’m honored to be one of them.

I grew up reading science fiction, and the thought of grabbing a small piece of immortality was too juicy to pass up, so I volunteered as soon as I read the invitation to join. Hundreds of years from now, some archeologist is going to be scratching their head, wondering why vampire romance was sent to the moon.

The first four ebooks in the Hill Vampire are included on the small flash drive being rocketed into space. If that future archeologist reads the books, they’ll have a complete mystery story, and the start of a very juicy romance.

The final flash drive was shipped to Astrobiotic Technology in late February. It’ll be included on the Peregrine Lander’s Mission One. The Peregrine Lander will be launched aboard a ULA (United Launch Alliance) Vulcan rocket in July 2021, assuming all goes as planned.
If you want to read more about the project, and follow along as we go into outer space, the website is: